Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making It Up

Genesis revised: "God made Man for Woman"

One of my joys is being a member of First Light, a Yahoo Group for LGBT people of Faith. It is expertly, and compassionately, moderated by a wonderful man in the Bay Area - former journalist and holder of a Master of Divinity. Through his ministry, I am kept well informed about developments within Faith and the issues of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. If you are someone who seeks a resource for shared thought and information in a nurturing environment, then click on the hotlink above and join up!

Recently, a news story was forwarded to our list that caused me a severe case of Faith dyspepsia. The story was about the excruciating divisiveness within the worldwide Anglican Communion that has developed around LGBT inclusion/exclusion. In a nutshell, there are some rather conservative congregations extraordinarily upset with the invocation of V. Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, as Bishop of the New Hampshire Diocese of the Episcopal Church USA. Ordination of LGBT souls is a very common subject within nearly all the mainline Protestant denominations. As such, the fact the Anglican Communion is struggling isn't terribly remarkable.

What does appear different though, is that genuine steps toward real Schism (which may wind up being the eventual path for the other denominations as well) are clearly underway. The movement is led, in part, by Rev. Peter Akinola of Nigeria, but he is also joined by several other African prelates - including Rt. Rev. William Magambo of Uganda.

There are some American based Episcopal/Anglican denominations that are now renouncing their local bishoprics and, essentially, joining some of the African-based churches. (I'm definitely not authoritative about Anglican polity, so forgive any specific error - the message remains the same, however). And it was as 33 US based parishes moved their allegiance to the Church of Uganda in which Rt. Rev. William Magambo is quoted as saying "God made Man for Woman". Click on the hotlink for the entire news story.

Now you can label me ignorant, or at least not deeply well-versed, in the Scriptures. But here is someone, fully educated, fully ordained who says "God made Man for Woman". Please show me just where in the Bible it says that. Nevermind, it isn't there. The Right Reverend is Making It Up to suit his personal bias, to further fuel the flames of homophobia within his flock and within the world. If pastors are brought before their governing bodies for blessing same-sex commitments, should not their be trial or rebuke of those who promulgate such theological nonsense?

Rev. Magambo's rewriting of Genesis goes to the heart of the Lessons I've posted regarding Transgenderism and the Bible. People who find condemnation within the pages of Scripture of transgender souls are, in my opinion, Making It Up. If you have nothing in your heart but contempt for people like me, that is your choice. But don't lay your personal prejudice onto God. Accept your transphobia for what it is....Yours.

Let's quit Making It Up

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