Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At What Point?

An Honest Question

I have been following the situation with Barack Obama and his home minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ. I, too, am a member of a UCC congregation. Rev. Wright has offered some sermons and other commentaries that some believe are inflammatory, perhaps even anti-American. I'm not writing to judge....but to question.

I had no heritage faith belief as a child. I wrote earlier that while I attended a Presbyterian church for awhile, I had little sense of what that meant...and really wasn't all that interested in learning. It was mostly a function of childhood friendships that an expression of faith.

Now, as an adult...and transgender...I have an honest question for those, especially other LGBT souls, who continue in faith traditions that have openly expressed condemnation for them. Why do you remain? At what point would you consider leaving a congregation or denomination which makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. There are plenty of choices available. I mean no disrespect to anyone's faith tradition, but this is something that I have a difficult time grasping.

I do want my pastor to challenge me, to provoke me, to pique me into thought and reflection. I think, in his own way, that is what Rev. Wright was doing for his congregation. But there are things that I will not accept from my minister, there are things I will not accept from my fellow members, there are things that would cause me to leave. We all know which denominations are most vocal in their denunciation of our lives - there is no purpose served in listing them here, this is not offered as a condemnation of those beliefs.

Just like a menu at a restaurant, I can find dishes I would care to order and others I definitely would not. Heck, there are entire restaurants I would scarcely give thought to entering. Why then, would I be bound - there's a word Christian's like - to a belief, a congregation that has expressly or tacitly chosen to not accept me. I'd like to know!

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