Friday, May 23, 2008

I Gotta Pee!!!!

The Predator Potty Polemic
James Dobson's Focus on the Family is all a-twitter with a bill sitting on
Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's desk that would extend anti-discrimination
provisions to transgender people in the state. Included in the language
of the bill - which is pretty much standard for ALL such measures (now in 12
states, D.C. and nearly 100 cities and counties) - is access to
appropriate rest rooms at public facilities.

Never one to miss a good opportunity to pander more Hate, FotF is
sponsoring ads on area radio stations in an effort to play upon bigotry
and ignorance in an effort to cause the Governor to feel squeamish about
signing the law. While Ritter is a Democrat, that is no guarantee that he
won't be willing to toss us into the "round file".

Some questions for Dobson:

1.) Where would you have me go pee? We all gotta go sometime,

2.) Just where are "predators" going pee now? We all gotta go sometime,
3.) Is this gross mis-characterization of transgenders and display of
extremely intense phobia a factor of your education as a minister or
as a
4.) Why isn't this happening elsewhere? Go Portland,
Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, Kansas City, Seattle...any of
those places I mentioned above
and ask them for their Predator in
the Potty files, (Hint - they don't exist).

5) Please show me where "Christian" grace is present in this ad.

I used to wonder how it was that so many people listen and follow
people like Dobson and Hagee and Robertson and Falwell and
Parsley, et.
al. How could they be so gullible, so guileless, so
bereft of discernment
or intelligence. I now understand I've had
this backwards all along. It
is NOT the work of the Ministers
of Hate "spreading the word". It is in
fact the "followers" to
whom these "ministers" are all too willing to
pander to their
fears and prejudices in order to gain their own sense of
prestige and pelf.'s not shame on's shame on

Just an FYI. I am not a Predator.


Listen to Focus on the Family's restroom predator ad.

RADIO: 60 05.07.08 "SB200 - Predator" Draft

SFX: [screen door closing book bag dropping on table]

ANNCR: If the Colorado Legislature has its way

GIRL 1: Mom! A man in a dress came into the girl's bathroom at

ANNCR: We could all be dealing with a new type of predator

WOMAN: [ambient sound under of woman getting out of car, door
beep and
close] Honey, there was a man using the women's showers
today at the
fitness center I asked the management why?!...They
said it was
Colorado law!

ANNCR: And instead of our kids worrying about finals and
the prom
they'll have to worry about who's in the bathroom with
them at school.

GIRL 2: [SFX: ambient hall noise, lockers close] No way I'm
going in
there I'd rather wait all day than go in there if he's
in there, too.

ANNCR: Most Coloradans understand our children must be protected
predators. But if Governor Bill Ritter won't veto Senate
Bill 200, all
public restrooms - including those in our public
schools - will be
open to anyone of any sex. The Colorado
Legislature, which is under
control of the Democrat Party -
has already passed SB200, but Governor
Ritter still has time
to veto it. Call the Governor now and ask him to
protect our
kids and veto SB200. Call
303-866-2471. That's 303-866-2471.
303-866- 2471.

Brought to you by Focus on the Family Action and Colorado
Family Action.

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