Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Transgender Dis

Et Tu, Gene?

Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson is the
subject of a Time Magazine article along with Anglican Bishop Martyn Minns
"Gay Bishop vs. Straight Bishop" which
explains that both prelates will be specifically
excluded from the Lambeth Conference, a once
every ten year get together of all bishops of the
worldwide Anglican Communion. To the best of
everyone's knowledge, never has a bishop been
dis-invited from this gathering. Bishop Robinson
is bishop-non-grata because he is openly gay -
and in fact recently married his longtime partner
in a civil union. Bishop Minns, an arch-conservative
has helped foment rebellion among American
Anglican (Episcopal Church USA) congregations
into leaving ECUSA and joining a renegade diocese
under an African diocesan umbrella.

As I read the article, my heart sank - and sank
hard when I read:
"It is clear that Robinson, for one, wishes he had not
been excluded from
Lambeth. He will be present in
Canterbury as the meeting is held; and on
two evenings
his fellow American bishops will invite small groups
of their
colleagues to "meet me, hear a bit of my story,
and see that their brother
bishop Gene doesn't
have horns and wear a dress."

Gosh Gene (or should I call you "Vicky", after all
that is your legal first name)
what's with the slam on
I'll bet your boss, Presiding Bishop Katherine
Jefferts-Schori has worn a dress or two in her day.
And I've seen those vestments you sometimes wear
your official business - sure looks like a dress to me!

It is frustrating - no, it is infuriating when someone
who should know better
lets fly with anti-trans garbage
such as this. I expect this kind of trash
from James
Dobson or Fred Phelps or Peter Labarbera, et. al.
they, at least, are
honest enough to be upfront about
their deplorable prejudices. But to hear it from

someone who is venerated as a liberal religious
hero, a guiding light of inclusion, acceptance and

leadership....well, what else can I say Gene?

That's soooooooooo Gay!

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