Monday, June 30, 2008

Hate Wrapped in God

And They Say They Follow Christ

Last week's hearing in a Congressional subcommittee regarding employment discrimination coupled with the rebroadcast of Barbara Walter's 20/20 episode on trangender children have fired up the fear and hate mongers who hide behind the cloak of "religion".

I'm not going to detail all of what has been written by them, you can read an excellent recap and commentary about all this at the TransAdvocate Blog. What is interesting to note is that, especially in some of the diatribe leveled at the trans kids, at no point do they ever offer any Scriptural basis for this venomous condemnation whatsoever. And this is the central point of this blog, Chrysalis Mission and the Lessons you can easily follow. There is no specific Biblical prohibition regarding gender transformation, and indeed a much better case is made of support - though there is nothing specific stating that either.

Now, I have no qualms with anyone who honestly and fairly offers a reasoned, but differing point of view on any subject at any time. But when children are called "freakazoids" (by one blogger), when the expected child of Thomas Beatie is described as "going to probably have three eyes" (from a Fox channel commentator), I lose respect not so much for the authors of such spiteful stuff, but more for the people that absorb and believe this tripe in the name of religion.

Jesus was the most inclusive person in human history. His harshest words, in fact, were directed squarely at the religioso of his day - and even then it wasn't with such demeaning, debasing language. He didn't label the leper a "freakazoid". He didn't suggest the woman at Jacob's Well would bear children "with three eyes". He extended care and love to the lowest in society. And for that he was murdered by the religioso.

Those who do not support gender transitioning for adults or children cannot clearly and effectively state their Biblical basis for such opposition and do so within the parameters of decent, civilized discourse and debate. It is they who are not Christians, not me.


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