Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Time Must Be Near!

Is it the End of The World As We Know It Yet???

Gosh...men marrying men, women marrying women, men in the women's shower, tranny predators in the girl's potty. It just has to be the End of the World for sure!

Well, if you keep reading all the apocalyptic rantings of the American Taliban (Focus on the Family, World Ne Daily, Americans for Truth - now there's a misnomer, et. al.), you'd think that Revelations and the Judgment Day was nigh upon us, certainly by Friday at the latest.

Why do these religious harpies continue to have any credibility whatsoever with their "faithful"? We've always had the ridiculous rantings of goofballs - religious or not, conservative or liberal - throughout our existence. The question isn't how or why they continue to bay at the moon, but why does anyone pay them any heed? Haven't we progressed in our intelligence, our discernment, our experiences through history?

They were wrong about the Biblical imperatives for slavery. They were wrong about the Biblical imperatives restricting the rights of women. They were wrong about the Biblical imperatives for proscribing interracial relationships. They have been so wrong, so very wrong, so many times. And yet there a so many who still listen and still absorb like vacuums sucking up air.

To all the couples marrying this week in California - Congratulations! To those who still can't marry the person they love, let us all pray that the time is turning. And hope it does so before Friday !

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